Mail – or better documents and communication – is a cost factor – often at an unknown level. K4K MailHarbor analyses, advises and organizes your MAIL and DOCUMENT flows. This is not a luxury in times where costs control is essential to survive. Expert knowledge is required to consider and weigh the alternatives in a dynamic and liberalizing mail-market.
Therefore: the MailHarbor of K4K, your partner for mail and documents!
In all simplicity; looking at the Netherlands, there are still 5-6 billion mailpieces/year to be produced and distributed; on top of this there is an annual volume of 10 billion unaddressed (marketing) documents and a daily flow of 3.5 million newspapers. This is only an illustration of what is applicable in every (European) country.

Of course there is an undeniable shift from physical documents to electronic communication. The internet is a fact and a factor – but the same counts for the traditional mail delivery of letters. Therefore the only solid strategy for any organization is the management and control of the complete document-chain (physical and electronic integrated in one strategy).

This mission is not simple; the world of document-logistics is continuously changing because of new technologies, legislation and above all the requirements of the recipient are diverse and demanding.
Document logistics is -depending of the different branches – a major cost factor in any organization. A solid and explicit strategy is critical and yet frequently forgotten.
The following questions can illustrate this:

  • The mailmarket in Europe is following a rapid liberalization process – which may differ per country but will be finished by 2012, based on EC regulation. Does your organization have the knowledge about these developments, are you aware of all the different alternatives that may bring you an efficient distribution solution?
  • When did you last tender your mail processes?
  • Are you aware of the different documents in your organization and the way they are stored, handled and distributed?
  • Do you know how much money you spend on domestic mail services – but also what do you spend on cross border traffic?

These questions are just to illustrate the real issue “how well is my document logistics organized?” The answer to this question requires expert knowledge of the market and the products.

What brings the MailHarbor to the table?

Easy: we combine experience and skills on all the different steps in the solution chain from data to delivery;

  • Media choice
  • electronic
  • door-to-door
  • letters/marketing mail
  • parcels

Domestic en international

  • creative en pre-press
  • procurement paper and materials
  • finishing and pre-postal
  • transportation
  • distribution
  • response management/subscriptions
  • data/ data base selection

The communication strategy (or in K4K terms ‘the architecture’) comes first and it will be designed together with the customer. The MailHarbor delivers the know-how whereas the customer specifies its goals and desires – interactive workshops will usually lead to clear analyses and specifications.That is when the procurement process of Materials and Services can start.

The procurement of paper, envelopes and materials is executed in close cooperation with PaperChain Management (‘excellence in procurement’).