Our mission

To be successful in supporting and delivering ideas, to structure and inspire organizations that want to define and reach a new goal. K4K works together with these organizations in order to actually reach the new ‘Point at a Distance (PaD)’.

Our promise

we deliver success, together with the customer. We are convinced that we deliver success and thus we are able to agree on a fee structure based on the success we deliver. How? That is tailor-made and will be discussed which each customer individually.

What we are not

We are not consultants, although we advise, we will never stop at that point, we want to deliver success and therefore we are involved during the implementation

We are not interim managers, we do not limit ourselves to management alone, we design and co-construct a new mission, the new future of our customer and we feel at home in a changing and dynamic environment; don’t ask us just to control an organization.

K4K: de structure/organization

John KuiperTeam captain: John Kuiper

Lawyer, Harvard Business School, married, father, but above all an experienced entrepreneur focussed on growth,
born August, 9th, 1960 (Young enough for passion, old enough for experience and persuasiveness)

About John Kuiper

Obviously I am a fanatic business driver and on top of running my organization. Important is however that in doing so I try to maintain and develop some standards for myself and the people I work with. On top of the list is the principle that work should be fun and initiatives are always welcomed, every idea is worthwhile discussing. Living up to moral standards is a way to develop respect and to create sustainable value and commitment. Communication is a key driver for success (internally and externally).
Physical well-feeling is important and thus I also like to jog (long distance running) and play some golf and plan family outings.
Balance between work and private live is a permanent and interesting challenge.


K4K teams up with selected professionals from different background and expertise, like Finance, HRM, counselling and Marketing/Communication….

Reference projects

(from start up to multinationals)

  • project a: from 4 FTE to 400 FTE in 4 year (from 0 tot 100 mln. revenue)
  • project b: from 0 tot 25 outlets worldwide in 18 months
  • project c: from start up to an exit in 2.5 year (capital venture)
  • project d: insourcing of multiple service departments, typically 20-50 FTE
  • project e: multiple M&A projects, scouting, analyses, strategic plan, due diligence, acquisition project (including legal and tax), implementation and growth support
  • project f: complete set up of a leading and very visible service company (from 20 to 40.000 people on the pay-roll and from 25 mln to 400 mln units delivered in a 5 year window). Including political lobby, press and motivation of staff
  • project g: re-focus of service company with a 10 mln revenue base
  • project h: start-up coaching (very divers, sometimes successful but just as often the advise can mean that the start up misses essential elements for success – if these elements are not fixed the advise will be to stop)
  • project i: bankruptcy support (analyses to the remaining potentials of a bankrupt organization)
  • project j: support in fundraising projects