‘Strategy Architect’
K4K made a clear and transparent choice to support its customers from the role of an architect. This requires a little explanation; an architect is asked to design according to the ideas and vision of his customers. In order to do this the first requirement for an architect is to listen, and to handle the input in a creative way and then secondly to translate this into a solution.

An architect is not a consultant (hit&run) and he is not an architect (take over); an architect uses the ideas and targets of a customer and supports from his specific profession the thoughts and goal of the customers to be transformed into a solution. Then, when the solution is designed and approved the architect will keep a critical and constructive eye during the actual execution in order to be assured that the design is constructed and executed in a good and responsible fashion. This is the third responsibility of an architect.

This is the way K4K wants to support its customers, be it on business strategy issues or when it relates to document strategy.

We take our role with pride and commitment and we promise to deliver success.

We hope to be hearing from you,

John Kuiper

John Kuiper