Boötes Advies offers solutions for immediate concerns and critical objectives related to financial and accounting issues of your company. These solutions are available on a part-time basis or for project work.
This will enable you to focus on your core business responsibilities. Boötes Advies has demonstrated the skills to increase revenue and profitability, identify process inefficiencies, control costs, comply with internal control standards, and assist you with acquisitions or divestitures.

Boötes Advies can also help you to explore strategic options, develop creative solutions to complex business issues and support your decision making to ensure long-term business value. Boötes Advies has the experience to assist business owners in helping their business get to the next level of performance.

hennie-199x300Hennie Boot who has started Boötes Advies in 2008, has over thirty years of professional experience, which encompasses auditing and consultancy services relating to financial planning, public accounting, internal reporting, tax and bookkeeping matters. His experience in accounting and finance has enabled him to identify business opportunities, develop management strategies and direct financial operations from a unique perspective.

Hennie Boot is a Chartered Accountant with 25 years of consultancy and auditing experience. He worked for over ten years in public auditing with two “big-four” firms in Amsterdam and London. After that, he was partner of a medium-size firm that provided auditing and accounting services in the Amsterdam area.

The following topics are some of the most common areas in which companies seek our assistance:

  • Increase free cash flow from operations, maximise working capital and liquidity.
  • Implement programs to lower costs and create more revenue.
  • Expense reduction, identify and minimize redundant processes, wasteful practices, over-staffed functions.
  • Financial statements and internal reporting, create accurate and timely financial statements, and help you analyse your financial position.
  • Budgets, forecasts and long-term projections.
  • Banking relationships, enhance your relationship with financial institutions by effectively presenting financial information and negotiating terms.
  • Strategic planning, review and evaluate your business model, new business opportunities, capital projects, information systems and compensation plans.
  • Compliance, assist your staff in completing compliance work and testing, and controlling costs of your compliance efforts.
  • Exit strategies, position yourself to realise liquidity from your investment by evaluating and maximizing the value of your company.
  • Supervision of controllers, auditors and tax advisers.

Boötes Advies provides a variety of financial management services to help organisations effectively manage and realise growth and business value.
If you would like to discuss your business situation or particular need, please contact Boötes Advies to arrange an appointment:

Hennie Boot
Schalkwijkerstraat 9, 2032 JA Haarlem
Phone: +31(0)653664088