The best of 2 worlds

Boot en Kuiper deliver ‘business consultants’-services (Finance, Legal and Strategy), and they will do this committed, personal, straight forward and no nonsense.

Every organization runs into the moments where they support or strategic reflection. These moment may vary from start up issues till questions around a company sale or partner change. Sometimes the questions can be very practical by nature (for instance tax-related subjects) and sometimes the themes are very complex, for instance when it handles about ownership migration and company-value estimations.

Boot&Kuiper offer expertise and independency to support a Board on any potential issue by which companies and their leaders are faced every now and then and so often unexpected.

Boot&Kuiper is a holding which is in a way positioned below the foundations of two already existing companies:

Boötes Advies bv, managed by Hennie Boot

Hennie Boot

06 53664088 (

K4K bv, managed by John Kuiper

John Kuiper

06 45216749 (

Both organizations and their leaders have a proven track record as managers/leaders in bringing complex strategic issues to successful implementation.

Feel free to contact Boot&Kuiper and experience the short communication lines, personal commitment and opportunities to create projectteams on issues like:

  • Legal and fiscal structure of an organization (after reorganization, acquisition or start up)
  • Outplacement, including the set up of ‘Stamrecht’ constructions (Dutch legal, fiscal vehicle)
  • Strategic forecast planning (workshop, coaching and support)
  • Financing projects; lines of credit or participation
  • Analyses, second opinion and advise at reconstruction projects
  • Value indications, company sale, in/outsourcing
  • Coordination for reporting models for tax, finance, admin or accounting
  • Business prospectus, partner search
  • Management support
  • Due diligence/ M&A
  • Negotiation support, Legal strategy coaching
  • Mediation